Age Appropriate Chore Chart

I love the book by Merrilee Browne Boyack entitled The Parenting Breakthrough. The author not only lists what jobs are age appropriate, but goes into details on how to really TRAIN your kids to be able to master their chores. She doesn’t just send a kid into a bathroom to clean it and expect them to magically understand that they were supposed to wipe down the walls, the mirrors, and clean the toilet in a certain manner. She has training sessions where they are repeatedly shown the proper way of cleaning. Once they master the skill, she lets them do it on their own and simply checks their work when they are done. The beauty of this system is that you don’t always have to be the trainer. If it’s the year to learn how to change a flat tire, you can enlist Grandpa as the trainer. If it’s the year to learn to make bread, you can enlist an aunt or a close friend to come and teach them.
The author also links certain skills to certain privileges. For example, before her kids are allowed to babysit, they need to complete a first aid training class, be certified in CPR, and know how to cook some simple meals. Brilliant! If the kids that are being babysat get injured, her kids will know how to handle it. If they are hungry, her kids know how to cook some simple meals to feed them! She doesn’t have to worry about how her kids will do because she’s made sure her children are prepared.
Here are some of the age-appropriate chores:
Age 6
  • Take shower
  • Dust
  • Load & Empty Dishwasher
  • Clean Sinks
  • Run Microwave
  • Water Plants
  • Make and Answer Phone Calls
Age 10
  • Do own laundry completely
  • Maintain personal journal
  • Participate in exercise program
  • Rent videos
  • Clean stove
  • Make several kinds of salad
  • Understand basic nutrition
  • use leaf blower
  • plant plants
  • Know Articles of Faith
  • Write creatively
  • Can peaches
  • Make jam
  • Mow lawn
  • Set personal goals

For more ideas on helping your kids become temporally self-reliant click here: temporally self-reliant.


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